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Preschool Enrichment Classes

6-36 Months (Accompanied)

3-6 Years Old (Drop-Off)

12-36 Months (Drop-Off Montessori Enrichment)

The full programme of classes at the link below

Allow your children to enjoy messy play, discover new foods, learn art technique, practice fine motor skills...and most of all, have fun! 

Montessori Enrichment: 

The Montessori Enrichment for 12 to 36 moths (Accompanied) takes place in a tranquil environment, safe place for them to explore, designed to be beautiful, serene and inviting. It is a dynamic and ever-evolving space that is adjusted to meet the needs of infants growing in the space. 


Children are exposed to early literacy and numeracy concepts as well as practical life skills, sensorial activities and social graces in-line with Montessori ideals.  The class is lead by a Montessori trained teacher.   

Little da Vinci:  

da Vinci was an artist, an inventor, a scientist.  He was passionate about anatomy, cartography, painting, and palaeontology, among other things!  He was a creative genius of so many different talents.  Join us for this session where the children are encouraged to explore different materials and concepts and learn about different topics with their art.

Food Discovery: 

In Montessori, 'Practical Life' activities include pouring, scooping, cutting and cleaning up after yourself.  


In this class, we hope the children can learn some of those Practical Life skills and also learn about where foods or food  ingredients come from in an engaging way.  


The children will spend about 20-30 Mins cooking/baking and then proceed to do a craft related to their food activity and then have some sensory play to end the class in a relaxed way after all their hard work.

Little Bouncers:  

Let your little ones burn some energy and fun with friends through engaging in lots of gross motor activities during this uplifting session accompanies by music.

This class will also help your child with:

- Following instructions

- Fine tuning their balance, muscle strength and coordination 

- Communication and social skills

- Concentration and Focus

- The development of their gross motor skills

 6 months to 6 years

Engaging content by qualified teachers

Max 10 kids per class (Social distancing accommodations have been made)

A welcoming place to wait for your child

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