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We offer classes in partnership with:

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The Art Tribe

The Art Tribe is a creative arts studio for children ages 4 to 10. It provides these young children with exposure to a wide variety of movements ranging from classical to contemporary art. There is a strong focus on developing their keen awareness and sensitivity to colour and form from an early age.

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iYu Chinese Learning Centre

IYU Learning Centre is a Language School based in Singapore. We teach Mandarin and offer a variety of programs for children, youth, and adults. We are dedicated to helping our students in reaching their goals with tremendous improving results.


We are Teachers experienced and energetic with big dreams, we unite as one with the same goal and passion of teaching, having this core as the main value we build IYU to teach, to spread the love and joy in understanding Chinese.

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Yoga 4 All

Yoga has been proven to provide mental and physical benefits. It involves breathing works and postures to bring peace to mind and body.

At Yoga 4 All, we strive to make this wholesome discipline accessible to everybody regardless of age, gender, body types and abilities. 


Our Music Studio

Our experienced, dedicated & well-trained educators will guide you through the Music Learning Process (a systematic approach based on Orff Schulwerk, Dalcroze and Kodaly frameworks) on an amazing journey of musical discovery.

Through music and movement, young children are able to develop coordination and social skills, learn to express themselves. Music stimulates the part of the brain that learns; develops and promotes creative thinking; provides opportunities for problem-solving and decision-making. It is a means of communication, expression and helps to develop motor skills.